When gas or liquid being conveyed in a corrugated metal hose exceeds certain limits, resonant vibration can occur. Resonance may cause very rapid failure of the assembly. In those applications where product velocities exceed the limits shown in the graph below, a revision of the assembly design might include:

  • Addition of an interlocked metal hose liner.
  • An increase in the corrugated hose I.D.
  • A combination of the above.

For more information on how velocity and pressure drop can impact gas and fluid delivery systems, visit our blog on this topic.

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Maximum Product Velocity (Feet/Second)
Unbraided Braided
Dry Gas Liquid Dry Gas Liquid
Straight Run 100 50 150 75
45 Degree Bend 75 40 115 60
90 Degree Bend 50 25 75 40
180 Degree Bend 25 12 38 19