The right hose is needed to ensure your challenge is addressed successfully. Although many metal hoses look the same, there are many critical questions to ask and characteristics to consider in order to optimize the hose to the application.

Selecting the proper configuration – whether it’s hose & assembly components or expansion joints – is crucial. Type, size, alloy, length, and other factors must be carefully reviewed. Every application is different, so you must ensure each assembly is designed specifically for your purpose and operating conditions.

Need a corrugated or a stripwound metal hose? Hose Master can help select the best hose for your application. Check out the information below. Not finding what you need? Contact our Customer Service team at 800-221-2319.


Select the Right Corrugated Metal Hose

Corrugated Metal Hose can handle high pressures and is gas tight. It is excellent for gas and liquid transfers.


Select the Right Stripwound Metal Hose

Stripwound Metal Hose, although not gas tight, is rugged, making it excellent for use as a guard, an open-ended exhaust hose, and for the transfer of dry bulk materials.