Tar & Asphalt

Tar and Asphalt hose is Hose Master’s heavy-weight interlocked metal hose. Constructed from a single strip of galvanized steel with Hose Master’s proprietary packing, this hose is used for transferring high-temperature, viscous fluids. Tar & Asphalt hose is leak-resistant and handles maximum suction. It is design-tested to 100 psi and has a temperature range of -40° F. to 500° F.


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Explanation of Tar & Asphalt Part Numbers:

TA ____________    ____________
      Thickness Code      Material Code

Strip Thicknesses:
25 – Heavy Weight
30 – Extra Heavy Weight

Material Codes:
SS – 201 Stainless Steel
GS – Galvanized Steel

Inside Diameter (in.)Min. Bend Radius (in.)25-Heavy Weight, 201 Stainless Steel
Wt. Per Ft. (lbs.)
30-Extra Heavy Weight, Galvanized Steel
Wt. Per Ft. (lbs.)
2 12 1.9 2.2
2 1/2 15 2.4 2.8
3 17 2.7 3.2
4 22 3.6 4.2


  • 25 – Heavy Weight Strip is only available in 201 Stainless Steel
  • 30 – Extra Heavy Weight Strip is only available in Galvanized Steel
  • Other diameters are available upon request
  • Minimum bend radius is measured from the centerline of the hose


Tar & Asphalt Fittings

Heavy-duty, reusable rigid male or female swivel fittings are available upon request. These specialized fittings are packed onto the hose ends, eliminating the need for welding that could burn the sealant packing within the hose.

Tar & Asphalt Male and Female Connections
Alloys: Malleable Iron
Size Range: 1 1/2″ thru 3″
Sch.: n/a
Tar & Asphalt Shank Male
Alloys: Malleable Iron
Size Range: 1 1/2″ thru 4″
Sch.: 40

Hose Master places emphasis on continual improvements within our manufacturing processes, product offering and services. Hose Master reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products contained herein.