Poly-Rex™ is Hose Master’s line of polygonal interlocked metal hose. Constructed from T304, T316, T201, or Galvanized steel in a variety of different thicknesses, this product offers the most robust resistance to torsional stress, without sacrificing flexibility.




When to use flexible metal products

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Explanation of Poly-Rex™ Part Numbers:

PX ____________    ____________
       Thickness Code      Material Code

Thickness Codes:
15 – Light Weight
18 – Medium Weight
25 – Heavy Weight

Material Codes:
GS – Galvanized Steel
SS – T304 Stainless Steel
16 –T316 Stainless Steel
20 – T201 Stainless Steel

Example: PX15SS is made from T304 stainless steel strip.015” thick.

Inside DiameterPX 15___
Weight per foot (lbs.) Min. Bend Radius (in.) Weight per foot (lbs.) Min. Bend Radius (in.) Weight per foot (lbs.) Min. Bend Radius (in.)
4 1.8 16.5 2.2 18 3.2 20
5 2.2 21 2.7 23 4.0 25
6 2.7 25 3.2 26 4.7 29.5
7 3.1 29.5 3.7 31.5 5.5 34.5
8 3.5 33.5 4.2 35.5 6.2 39

*For packed hose add 20% to minimum bend radius



Available Packings

Packing Type: Low-Temp Elastomeric

Features: Max Pressure and Vacuum

Max Temp.: 200° F

Packing Type: High-Temp Elastomeric

Features: Max Pressure and Vacuum

Max Temp.: 500° F

Packing Type: Low-temp Fiber

Features: Economical

Max Temp.: 180° F

Packing Type: High-Temp Fiber

Features: Elevated Temperature

Max Temp.: 1000° F

Packing Type: Metal

Features: Extreme Temp.

Max Temp.: 800° F – 1200° F

When to Consider Packing:

Interlocked metal hose, by the nature of its construction, is not pressure tight. However, pressure and media infiltration through the interlocked wall can be minimized by the insertion of one of a variety of packings into the wall during hose manufacturing. Packing consists of a continuous cord or strand of elastomer, or other material which is locked into a special channel between the interlocked hose wall layers. The choice of packing material is tailored to the demands of the specific application.

Hose Master places emphasis on continual improvements within our manufacturing processes, product offering and services. Hose Master reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products contained herein.