Corrugated metal hose can be manufactured in various alloys to provide the best corrosion resistance for the application. Applications include chlorine transfer, steam hose, and stripwound products used to transfer dry bulk materials. Visit our Chemical page.


Oil Refining

Refinery processes require hose assemblies for petroleum transfer, steam lines, and for transfer of by-products and additives. Corrugated metal hose is ideal for applications that require resistance to heat, corrosion, or the severity in refineries. Visit our Refining page.


High heat and corrosive gases – an environment where metal hose and expansion joints thrive. Applications include oxygen lance hoses, steam lines, gas lines, lubrication lines, cut-off torches, cooling hoses, and tap hole drills. Visit our Steel page.

pulp paper plant

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper mills use a lot of steam and various chemicals in their manufacturing process. By-products of paper mills include highly corrosive materials that require the use of corrosion resistant metals which can withstand high temperatures. Visit our Pulp & Paper page.

PEI petroleum equipment flex connectors

PEI / Petroleum Systems

PEI connectors are used to absorb vibration and accommodate misalignment or seismic movement in underground piping systems beneath service stations. These connectors provide the most flexibility while insuring safety when handling volatile liquids. Visit our PEI page.

power generation utilities

Utilities & Power Plants

Utilities and power plants use metal hose and expansion joints for steam piping systems, fuel delivery lines, and high pressure lubrication lines. Nuclear power plants use metal hose and expansion joints for many critical service applications. Visit our Utilities and Power page.



The Petrochemical industry plants are primarily involved in the manufacture of plastic resins from a petroleum base. Hose applications include chemical transfer, steam lines, dry bulk material handling, and dock hoses. Visit our Petrochemical page.

Bulk Material Transfer

Bulk Material Handling

Due to its abrasion resistance and decreased loading times, metal hose is superior to other hose types in pneumatic conveying systems. These hoses can be found on transportation equipment and loading/unloading facilities. Visit our Bulk Material Handling page.

LNG transfer cryogenics

Cryogenics and LNG Transfer

Cryogenics applications spread across industries, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to gas transfer, including liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid natural gas (LNG) transfer. Visit our Cryogenics and LNG Transfer page.

water wastewater treatment

Water Treatment

Water treatment facilities use chlorine in their purification process, and Hose Master’s ChlorSafe hose assemblies are designed for the safe transfer of wet or dry chlorine. Metal expansion joints are used in piping systems at these facilities. View our Water Treatment page.

marine shipbuilding

Marine & Shipbuilding

Typical metal hose applications in the Marine & Shipbuilding industry include expansion joints and metal bellows, which are ideally suited for exhaust on ship engines. Metal hoses are used for steam, water and hydraulic lines. Visit our Marine & Shipbuilding page.

chimney liner


Stripwound metal hose is used as a liner for chimneys because it provides superior flame/heat resistance as well as ease of cleaning. The flexibility of stripwound metal hose allows it to be easily inserted into a chimney as a liner or re-liner. Visit our Chimney page.

food service appliance connectors

Commercial Food Service

Restaurants use metal hose assemblies for the ease and durability they provide. Applications include connecting gas lines to moveable appliances, and transfer of water, steam, or oil. Stripwound hose is used as a guard for washdown hose lines. Visit our Food Service page.

Though we at Hose Master manufacture products able to solve any metal hose application, this page highlights some of the industries that consistently use our products.

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