One of the primary objectives in manufacturing corrugated metal hose is forming corrugations on a steel tube while adding the least amount of residual stress. Through innovative design and in-house, custom-built production equipment, Hose Master has accomplished this with Stress-Lite™ processes (Hydroforming and Crimpforming).

Most other forming methods are rough, adding excessive residual stress which only shortens the service life of the product. In addition, many of them also twist the tube while forming, creating damaging torsional stress leading to premature fatigue and failure. Our proprietary gentle forming technologies do not add these excessive stresses.

Stress-Lite™ annular hose processes synchronize non-torsional radial forming with simultaneous bi-directional axial tube feed.

These processes produce hose with:

  • Minimal Work Hardening
  • Uniform Wall Thickness
  • No Residual Torsional Stress (RTS)

Resulting in the superior performance of Stress-Lite™ hose:

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Higher Cycle Life

Conceptually, Crimpforming is the “Inverse” of Hydroforming

Hydroforming Process:

Hydroforming method grabs a section of tube, expands it without torsion using high pressure water, while simultaneously feeding the tube in axially from both directions.

hydroforming process
hydroforming processes

Crimpforming Process:

Crimpforming method grabs a section of tube, compresses it without torsion using a “shutter-crimp”, while simultaneously feeding the tube in axially from both directions.

crimpforming process
crimpforming process

Hydroforming expands the tube from the inside. Crimpforming compresses the tube from the outside, and is used on more ridged tube having a larger t/d (tube thickness to diameter) ratio.

Our engineers at Hose Master have developed Stress-Lite™ processes which represent the state-of-the-art technology in hose manufacturing. This, in conjunction with an optimized hose profile, yields the best corrugated metal hose in the industry.


Is the standard of Hose Master’s extensive line of high performance Stress-Lite™ annular corrugated stainless steel hose. Proprietary technology ensures the excellent cycle life of the hose, with minimum effort to flex or bend the hose.

Hose Master’s close pitch metal hose. It is manufactured using the same high quality process used to make Annuflex hose, but the number of corrugations per foot is increased to allow for greater flexibility.

Hose Master’s high-pressure, annular corrugated metal hose. Pressureflex HP® is made from heavy-wall stainless steel, and offers flexibility and dependability when higher pressures are a factor.

Hose Master’s annular, heavy-wall corrugated metal hose, designed for ULTRA high-pressure applications. PressureMax HP® offers superior flexibility and is made from heavy wall T321 or T316L stainless steel.

Hose Master’s chemical transfer hose. Chemking™ offers excellent corrosion resistance to many of the most severe applications found in chemical processing.

Hose Master’s 276 alloy, corrugated chlorine-transfer assembly, designed to meet the demands of this application. With considerations made for both wet and dry chlorine, these assemblies are the safest available.

Has the “stay-put” characteristics required for stress-free connections between piping systems and rotary joints or other similar static applications.

Heavy-duty corrugated hose designed for use in applications that require a bronze hose.

Hose Master’s T321 spirally-welded, helical corrugated hose specifically designed to achieve extreme flexibility while maintaining good pressure ratings. The helical design facilitates draining and reduces in-line turbulence.

Hose Master’s T316 double-walled, spirally-welded corrugated metal hose. Specially designed to maintain extreme pressure and flexibility, Hydraflex™ is self-draining and generates minimal in-line turbulence.