Top 5 Advantages of Using ABS Approved Components

By: Rich Troyer | On: March 1, 2016

Construction site in the Shipyard of Gdansk Poland.

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is a provider of marine and offshore classification services. They conduct research and development on marine-related topics, providing technical support and verifying compliance with their published standards. ABS offers various approvals on different classes of equipment, which differ greatly depending on the application requirement.

There are several advantages to using ABS approved components and specifically metal hoses. Most marine and offshore companies prefer using approved components; the top five advantages are provided below:

  1. Capital Investment Protection
    Financiers usually require that a vessel has been designed, built and maintained to the appropriate classification standards.
  2. Insurance Cost Reductions
    Adhering to classifications are generally mandated by insurance underwriters because it signifies that a vessel complies with industry-developed standards. This compliance can lead to reduced insurance costs for those vessels.
  3. Exercising Due Diligence
    Vessels built to classification standards are preferred by potential clients and provide indication that the ship owner has exercised due diligence during the construction and service life of the vessel.
  4. Statutory Requirement Compliance
    Many countries governing bodies mandate that certain vessels entering their waters be appropriately classified.
  5. Demonstrating and Adhering to Proper Maintenance
    Allows the operator to remain in class and demonstrate the commitment of their ongoing conformance to the rules during periodic surveys.

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