10 PEI Flex Connector Installation Recommendations

By: Rich Troyer | On: March 3, 2016

Petroleum flex connectors must be properly specified for each installation and all factors must be considered including the stresses and movements to which the connectors will be exposed during use. Improper installation of a flex connector can lead to early failures, leaks and costly repairs. Review our installation recommendations below to ensure your flex connectors are being properly installed.

  1. Accurately measure to insure the proper length of the connector has been selected
  2. Never install a connector in a tighter radius than shown on the connector label or in the product literature and make sure the bend is as close to the center of the connector as possible
  3. Always keep the painted lay line straight and on the centerline of the connector
  4. Use the manufacturer’s recommended cathodic protection system or dielectric isolation boot
  5. Check for leaks before covering the installation
  6. Ask to see the manufacturer’s warranty
  7. Flex connectors in the dispenser or intermediate sumps should be UL Listed for Above Ground and Below Ground use. If the UL label does not have both listings you cannot install it in these areas
    *Not all metal flex connectors are rated for Above Ground
  8. Never install a flex connector with the bend next to the end fitting and never restrict the flexibility of the connector
  9. Do not attempt to stretch or compress a flex connector to fit an installation and if the connector has only one swivel end, install that end last
  10. Use a custom designed flex connector with an elbow in areas where the bend radius of the installation is smaller than the hose’s listed bend radius

Hose Master always recommends a visual inspection of the connector and to replace a connector if the braid has come away, or bulged, from the inner corrugated hose. Always remember that Hose Master stocks an extensive inventory of standard FireShield and QuickClamp connectors and accessories that are ready to ship within 24 hours. We can also provide custom-built connectors and prototypes for unique applications. 100% of our connectors are tested in our factory which ensures product integrity and controls the need for warranty service repairs.


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