Transferring Tar and Asphalt Safely

By: Frank Caprio | On: April 26, 2021
tar and asphalt

The U.S. has about 3,600 asphalt production sites and produced about 420 million tons of asphalt mixture in 2019. Over a half-million workers are exposed to fumes from asphalt,

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Amazon’s Impact on Paper Mill Piping

By: Frank Caprio | On: November 19, 2020
paper mill piping

Make Way for Paperboard! We all have witnessed the shift away from printed media over the past decade. Paper mills that had produced newsprint for generations suddenly found themselves

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Quantifying Qualitative Value

By: Erik Kane | On: October 28, 2020

Value.  A simple concept that drives nearly every transaction – but one that can be tricky to wrangle onto paper! Expressing qualitative features and benefits using quantitative measures is

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Residual Torsional Stress: The Silent Killer

By: Hose Master | On: August 12, 2020
residual torsional stress

Why Stress over Residual Torsional Stress? It’s no secret that torque is a killer for metal hose. If you’ve ever attended Hose Master University, you’ve probably heard our corporate

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Coal-Fired Power Vacuum

By: Erik Kane | On: May 11, 2020

It’s no news that coal-fired generation is going by the way-side.  Despite a recent resurgence in political support, coal is fighting an uphill battle on two major fronts: economically

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