After-Hours Emergency Service: Your Holiday Season Helper

By: Hose Master | On: December 16, 2020
emergency service

After what seemed like an endless start to 2020, the winter season is finally upon us. With that, the fast-approaching holidays give us lots of much-needed things to look forward to: relaxing time off, participating in holiday traditions, and more time at home with family. However, winter can also result in fatigued employees, colder temperatures, and frozen pipelines- all of which can increase the likelihood of an unplanned maintenance outage for a facility. This can be particularly problematic for critical industries, such as power generation, where weather-related incidents can leave people without heat during the cold winter months.

When emergencies like this come up where quick response time is critical, you never want to be met with a supplier’s “out of office” notification. Thankfully, some suppliers offer an after-hours emergency service to help deal with critical issues that arise after normal business hours or during holidays.

emergency service steel mill

This picture shows the cooling water lines at a steel mill. If the hose assemblies connecting these lines were to fail it could result in significant downtime for the mill.

Emergency Service: How it Works

So, what do you do if there’s a critical failure or emergency at your facility over the holiday season? This is where a supplier’s support through emergency service can be a lifesaver. Each company runs their service differently, but the overall concept is simple- offering emergency service means that your supplier will never be inaccessible to you in the event of a critical failure or an emergency. Even if a failure occurs after normal business hours you will still have a way to reach your supplier and, if necessary, have access to repair services or replacement parts.

In certain industries, having access to emergency support can have dramatic implications on a facility’s success. Take the steel industry, for example. A steel mill that experiences a failure in their water cooling lines will have problems beyond just repairing a broken production component. Without these lines fully functioning, a steel mill will inevitably be forced to stop production and every hour of production time lost can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Hose Master: Your Holiday Season Helper!

To help put your mind at ease this holiday season, Hose Master is proud to offer After-Hours Emergency Service to our customers. We have an established number provided to Hose Master customers that can be used to reach us after hours in the event of an emergency. This line is staffed by a designated Inside Sales representative who is “on call” to provide consultation. Upon evaluation of the situation, this representative is authorized to re-open the plant and mobilize the appropriate personnel to handle the request.

For a customer, it can be vital for the supplier to be able to respond quickly, even as fast as same-day turnaround. After all, hours lost to downtime equates to significant money lost for a facility. If you have questions about Hose Master’s After-Hours Emergency Service, contact us! Let us take care of the problem so you can focus on enjoying the holidays.